Broken Barrel


Broken Barrel:


  • A Single Barrel Straight Wheat Whiskey from Indiana, made from predominantly (85%) wheat and barley grains, aged over three years.
  • Finished with Cognac Cask Staves and new French Oak Staves
  • 120-proof | 60.0% ABV
  • Batch Size: 2 Barrels | 180 Total Bottles
  • The Wreckoner brings a less common whiskey grain – Wheat, used only in our Fen Walker and Isle of Peat releases, and instead brings this supporting character to the spotlight. To make matters more interesting, French Cognac barrel staves are used in tandem with New French oak staves to impart rich fruit and spice notes on top of the creamy mouthfeel created from the high wheat content of the Mash Bill. It’s a whiskey that brings deep, rich flavors that likely have not met inside a single bottle of whiskey, until now.
60% ABV | 120° Proof

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