The Cask of


Awarded Silver 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Coloration: Apothecary Dark Brown 

AROMA: Leather, Oak, Bark, Earthy Tannins  and Spice 

BODY: Campfire, Charred Spiced and Roasted Nuts

FINISH: Port, Currants, Cranberry, and Catacomb

MASH BILL: 95% Corn | 5% Malted Barley


Deep / Dark Mahogany Brown


"FortunaTo emtombed In Wine Cellar"

Artwork by Evan Cakamurenssen




Amontillado? I have my doubts…

The classic tale told by Edgar Allen Poe of deception and is resurrected by this intricately designed whiskey. Using the coveted Amontillado Spanish sherry casks that spent decades aging the finest fortified wines, we have emboldened our whiskey with a most intriguing and beguiling of flavors and depth.

The Cask of Amontillado pays homage to the environments of the deep dark cellars where Fortunato was deceived.

This whiskey takes 12-yr old Light Whiskey and Kentucky corn whiskey, devilishly blended together to embody Poe’s story, delivering a killer character that is reminiscent of that cool, dark, damp crypt rich with earthy, fruit and semi-sweet tones and dark fruit finish that is to die for.

Each bottle features beautiful hand-drawn original artwork by Joshua Zingerman.