Staves - 5-Pack Whiskey Barrel Staves

5-Pack Whiskey Barrel Staves
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Excellent for crafts and DIY projects - real broken barrel whiskey staves available. These reclaimed oak staves of used whiskey and bourbon barrels are from the heart of Bourbon Country, Kentucky; Each stave will look just as it did when it came off the barrel. Dark, charred interior and dark stained, rustic exterior. Excellent for making your own crafts the perfect size, shape, and material for any crafting or home improvement project; Great to add rustic décor throughout your home or even to create a unique looking wall.

Each barrel stave is approximately 35-37 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide and narrower, and 1-inch thick. Please keep in mind that these came directly off the barrels without being cleaned or sanded; They will be dirty and may have small imperfections. We do not clean or modify the staves in any way so that you may use them in your own way

From the heart of Bourbon Country in Kentucky, the whiskey staves are similar in size and shape, with a dark charred interior, and a darker stained and rustic looking exterior. All staves arrive in used condition and vary in width

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