Reserve Oak Series: Port Cask Finish

Reserve Oak Series Port Finish Bourbon
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Brand: Broken Barrel Whiskey Port Cask Finish

Available now - and less than a case in stock! Our Reserve Oak series goes further than our regular Cask Strength by namely being available by-the-barrel to whiskey groups and retailers... with the customer getting the ultimate say in the stave ratios and their name on the barrel. These few bottles happened to be for a large group in California.

The Kentucky straight bourbon boasts a thick, mildly bitter, but sweeter palate. A pop of buttercream gives way to Turkish delight, with a float of red wine tannins. The finish is nicely blanched almond and dark fruit. A few drops of water takes the edge off the higher proof, bringing out a candied sweetness, with hints of maraschino cherries.

This edition's barrel was held in Southern California with the port staves aging the bourbon further for four scorching hot summer months, resulting in one of the single-best Reserve Oak offerings ever!

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