Broken Barrel: 


  • An American Whiskey Blend of  Single Malt and Wheat whiskeys aged a minimum of 2.5 years .

  • Finished with Peated Islay Cask and Spanish Sherry Staves

  • 94.6-proof | 47.3% ABV 

  • Batch Size: 4 Barrels | 900 Bottles

  • Fen Walker is a true original, rich with notes of chocolate, smooth malty viscosity, sour cherry and raspberry fruitiness, and full mouthfeel. Not your everyday Single Malt, not a classic wheat, but somewhere in between. This is one of those perfect Winter whiskeys.

Broken Barrel: 

Isle of Peat

  • An American Whiskey Blend of Wheat and Single Malt whiskeys aged a minimum of 1-yr each.

  • Finished with Islay Peated Cask Staves

  • 110-proof | 55% ABV 

  • A smoky campfire forward, followed with a dry body and tannins on top of a lingering smoldering charred oak flavor, finished with a long lasting taste of the isles of Scotland.

  • Double Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019

Broken Barrel: 

The Cask of Amontillado 

  • An American Whiskey Blend of 12-yr Light & 5-yr Corn Whiskey

  • Finished with Used Amontillado cask staves

  • 110-proof | 55% ABV 

  • Dark and ominous cherry and red wine forward, followed by a haunting charred oak body and rich complex finish of sherry

Broken Barrel: 


  • An American Whiskey Blend of 4-yr Corn & 5-yr Corn Whiskey

  • Finished with new Mizunara Oak staves

  • 100-proof | 50% ABV 

  • Lighter apple and pear notes, grain forward body with light fruit and mild sweetness, and a lingering finish with hints of oak.

  • 95 Points Gold Medal 2020 USA Spirits Competition