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“A unique blend of corn, rye, and barley that makes it perfectly balanced.”

Whisky Advocate Magazine

Press Release – Batch 003 of Broken Barrel Bourbon releases August 2018, alongside a Cask Strength Bourbon and their Heresy Rye.


Press Release – Single Oak Series releases three new whiskeys in October 2019. Available in 35 states across the US.

Bourbon Banter

“The bottle art is fantastic. The price point is very reasonable. The variety of flavors has something for most everyone. To the barrel breakers and risk takers in Los Angeles, cheers. I am interested to see what you come up with next.”

Fine Dram

“Infuse Spirits Group, the first and only single-bottle infusion company and the spirit industry’s most popular craft infusion company, is excited to announce the re-branding of its whiskey portfolio under the aptly named Broken Barrel Whiskey Co.”

The Whiskey Wash

“Infuse Spirits is one of the many craft outlets out there trying to find ways to distinguish their whiskeys in an increasingly crowded marketplace. For them, their ace in the hole is taking young aged whiskeys and finishing and maturing them in steel tanks with wood chips from specific types of barrels.”

Whiskey Culture

“For the price, it is an incredibly smooth pour. The nose is nice and sweet, the lack of punch or heat lets the focus be on discerning the flavors rather than combating heat as one might expect from a young and affordable pour.”


“Broken Barrel Whiskey is unapologetically different from other whiskeys. Similar to a mash bill and equally as important, the company’s coined process called the Oak Bill—the selection of various oak barrel staves used to finish our products—is what defines the whiskey. The result is a synthesis nowhere to be found with traditional whiskey, and luckily, the project has paid off tremendously.”

Whiskey Intelligence

Infuse Spirits Re-brands Whiskey Brand Under New Name “Broken Barrel Whiskey,” Commencing with the Limited-Edition Single Oak Series

Whiskey Pop: Cask Strength Review

“They take the broken staves of other barrels to make what they call their Oak Bill… I think what they’re doing is a neat idea. It’s working; I think it’s executed well.”

Hood Sommelier

“Very full, very fruity… [California Oak] is like an evening breeze, very light and delightful, like drinking a cabernet. It’s a good sipper if you want a relaxing evening with an affordable bottle. This is it.”

Blind Whiskey Reviews - Broken Barrel Bourbon

“Every batch of Broken Barrel Bourbon is aged in charred American oak barrels infused with French Oak, Oloroso Sherry, and ex-bourbon casks until balanced and smooth. I’m very pleased to see a craft producer doing something like this; I think they did a good job.”

Cask & Still

“We sit down with CEO Seth Benhaim from Broken Barrel Whiskey, and hear the story behind his process, and taste all his new offerings. Check it out!”

Market Makers

“This week on Founder’s Stories we talk with Seth Benhaim the founder of Infuse Spirits, Broken Barrel Whiskey, and Co-host of the Cartel Hour Podcast. During our time together, Seth shared how he started Infuse Spirits back in 2012 out of his grandmas garage and how it ultimately lead to the creation of Broken Barrel Whiskey with their unique ‘Oak Bill’ process! ”

My Bourbon Journey

“Can you have BOTH an Oak Bill and Mash Bill? Seth, owner of Broken Barrel Whiskey explains this during our live review of what Whiskey they currently have out on the market. What they are doing through their process of finishing these whiskey’s, it’s very interesting and different than what anyone else is doing in the market”

The Dirty Glass

“We review Broken Barrel Whiskey’s The Cask Of Amontillado.”

Protodead - Is It Good?

“Broken Barrel Rye, 105 proof. It hits the spot!”

Whiskey Lore - Tasting Tuesday 38

“The Cask Of Amontillado is a fascinating whiskey… They take the staves of the amontillado sherry and put them inside the whiskey to give it its flavor so unlike other whiskeys. The barrel is actually finished in the whiskey, which I think is a fascinating concept, because that means that not only are you tasting the age of the inside of the barrel, but you’re tasting the age of the outside of the barrel as well!”