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Bourbon Lens #49

Seth Benhaim shares the origins of Broken Barrel Whiskey with the Bourbon Lens crew, and explains how his passion for infusing spirits led him to become the youngest brand owner to ever win Best-in-Show and Double-Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The Bourbon Daily Show #1,085

Steve and McNew of The Bourbon Daily Show pop a bottle of California Oak as Seth details the process of acquiring the Sonoma County cabernet barrels… and then breaking them.

Chill Filtered #135

On this episode of Chill Filtered, Cole and Robby have a special guest: Seth Benhaim, the owner, CEO, and official barrel breaker of Broken Barrel Whiskey Co. We talk mash bills, oak bills, Vegas, Scotch, hard work and more.

Bourbon Pursuit Broken Barrel Tasting

Kenny from Bourbon Pursuit does a livestream tasting of Broken Barrel Whiskey’s brand-new Reserve Oak Series while fielding questions from viewers.

The Bearded Idiots #121

The Bearded Idiots take a deep dive into the Broken Barrel collection, explaining the process of breaking barrels while exploring the finest whiskey we have offer.

Why Whiskey?

“With extensive time visiting distilleries, on his way to nearly 150, Seth has had the chance to find the best product, distillery, and team to create his “unapologetically authentic” lineup. We talk about future projects in the works that may or may not include a mix-up of Mezcal and Single Malt Whiskey… not joking… Come join us for a great chat!”

Bourbon & Blondes #15

“Hang out with the Blondes as they walk you through a spirits company that just made a major pivot (rebrand) of their whiskey! Infuse Spirits Broken Barrel Whiskey is a Single Oak Series that showcases three very different and outstanding whiskeys.”

Spirits Of Whisk(e)y #35

“Hear how Seth Benhaim, Founder & CEO of Infuse Spirits and Broken Barrel Whiskey, started his own successful podcast, The Cartel Hour, with Co-Host and Producer Cameron Stephens. Together they survey the wide world of spirits from the very well-stocked comfort of The Infusery, in the Arts District of Los Angeles.”

Whiskey Biz

“We had the privilege of meeting with Broken Barrel CEO Seth Benhaim who gave us some great insight into their company, the industry, and whiskey. What they have done with their whiskeys is very different than most bourbons and ryes that are on the shelf and it came out great. Listen in to hear our interview with Seth. As always, thank you for listening and Keep it neat, friends.”

A Starter & A Chaser

“Broken Barrel Whiskey makes their stuff a little different than the rest of the industry. They don’t age their spirits in barrels….they age it WITH barrels. Broken barrels that is.”

Blue Collar Bourbon S2E17

“Former SEC and NFL star Dexter McCluster joins the Blue Collar Bourbon guys and has some fun discovering some new whiskies, including Broken Barrel Whiskey.”


Bourboneering sits down with founder Seth Benhaim to learn about the process of infusing whiskey with barrel staves, all while tasting the entire core Broken Barrel lineup.


“We had an opportunity to talk with Seth Benhaim, founder of Infuse Spirits and Broken Barrel Whiskey. It was so cool to meet Seth and talk about legacy, the importance of family, and experimentation not only as a whiskey maker, but as a father.”

LA Conversations

“Seth Benhaim is the founder of Infuse Spirits and Broken Barrel. When he was 25 years old, he became the youngest brand owner to ever win Best-in-Show and Double-Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Our conversation covers a wide variety of topics including what you can and can’t age in vodka, and how the world of traditional aged whiskey is fragmenting and what’s next for the entire industry.”

What We're Drinking with Dan Dunn

“A long time ago, Dan went to a movie theater in Philly to see U2’s “Rattle & Hum,” and it changed the course of his life. Also, Dan and Emmy-winning writer comedian Tom Caltabiano get expert advice on infusing booze from Seth Benhaim and Cameron Stephens of the LA Spirits Society podcast..”

Dads Drinking Bourbon

The Dads sample three whiskeys from the Broken Barrel Single Oak Series: Mizunara, Isle of Peat, and The Cask of Amontillado. Cheers and Enjoy!

Protodead - Is It Good?

“Broken Barrel Rye, 105 proof. It hits the spot!”

The Spirit Guide Society #35

“In the past decade, the craft distilling whiskey boom has led to some incredibly creative products; Infuse Spirits is no exception. Rather than distilling their own whiskey, Infuse and its founder, Seth Benhaim, purchase the whiskey and then use barrel staves to “infuse” the “spirit” with the exact flavor they’re trying to achieve. It’s an incredible process and creates something you should definitely be drinking.”