Broken Barrel

Plank Walker

Broken Barrel:

Plank Walker

  • A Single Barrel American Whiskey from Indiana, made from predominantly (85%) corn and rye grains, aged 7 years.
  • Finished with Barbadian Rum and new French Oak Staves
  • 115.6-proof | 57.8% ABV
  • Batch Size: 2 Barrels | 180 Total Bottles
  • The Plank Walker offers high octane and robust flavors of toasted honey, vanilla bean, molasses all finishing with baking spices and pie crust. It is a whiskey that truly evolves with each sip. Having used rum barrels with each release of the Reserve Oak Series, with the Plank Walker, Broken Barrel felt like showcasing the culmination of past experiences by offering the best possible version of a Rum cask finish. With bourbon, there were lots of competing flavors at play given the new charred white oak barrel.
58.8% ABV | 115.6° Proof

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