Broken Barrel

Maple Mizunara

Broken Barrel:

Maple Mizunara

  • An American Whiskey Blend of Indiana and Kentucky corn whiskeys aged between5-6 years .
  • Finished with Mizunara and 15-gallon Ex-Maple barrel staves
  • 99-proof | 49.5% ABV
  • Batch Size: 1 15 Gallon Barrels | 60 Bottles
  • The Maple Mizunara is a first for the whiskey world – never before has a whiskey taken Mizunara and combined this with another finish. Especially one as outlandish as a used maple syrup barrel. With a definitive maple nose and a surprisingly alpine-wood flavor profile, this whiskey beckons the woods and a campfire, and perhaps a pancake to pair alongside this whiskey.
60% ABV | 120° Proof

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