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As of late 2021, every few months Broken Barrel will release unique projects from its distillery and headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. Each release is wildly different from the last or the next, with varying Oak Bills™ and crossing all categories of whiskey. The team in Los Angeles is constantly experimenting with new oak barrels and whiskey types, such as single malt, wheat, corn, bourbon and rye whiskeys. The team is also working with retailers, whiskey societies, and distribution groups on single barrel selections year round. Be sure to email if interested in a single barrel pick for your whiskey group or retail store.

Be sure to check back on our whiskey shop to see what is available from the Los Angeles warehouse. To stay on top of all that we produce, you may consider signing up for our quarterly whiskey club to guarantee yourself rare whiskey drops, discounted bottles, and
Current Offerings At the Distillery As of February 13th, 2023:
60% ABV | 120° Proof

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