Broken Barrel:


  • An American Whiskey Blend of Indiana and Kentucky corn whiskeys aged between5-6 years .
  • Finished with Mizunara and 15-gallon Ex-Maple barrel staves
  • 99-proof | 49.5% ABV
  • Batch Size: 1 15 Gallon Barrels | 60 Bottles
  • The Maple Mizunara is a first for the whiskey world – never before has a whiskey taken Mizunara and combined this with another finish. Especially one as outlandish as a used maple syrup barrel. With a definitive maple nose and a surprisingly alpine-wood flavor profile, this whiskey beckons the woods and a campfire, and perhaps a pancake to pair alongside this whiskey.

Broken Barrel:


  • A Single Barrel American Whiskey from Indiana, made from predominantly (85%) corn and rye grains, aged 7 years.
  • Finished with Barbadian Rum and new French Oak Staves
  • 115.6-proof | 57.8% ABV
  • Batch Size: 2 Barrels | 180 Total Bottles
  • The Plank Walker offers high octane and robust flavors of toasted honey, vanilla bean, molasses all finishing with baking spices and pie crust. It is a whiskey that truly evolves with each sip. Having used rum barrels with each release of the Reserve Oak Series, with the Plank Walker, Broken Barrel felt like showcasing the culmination of past experiences by offering the best possible version of a Rum cask finish. With bourbon, there were lots of competing flavors at play given the new charred white oak barrel.

Broken Barrel:


  • A Single Barrel Straight Wheat Whiskey from Indiana, made from predominantly (85%) wheat and barley grains, aged over three years.
  • Finished with Cognac Cask Staves and new French Oak Staves
  • 120-proof | 60.0% ABV
  • Batch Size: 2 Barrels | 180 Total Bottles
  • The Wreckoner brings a less common whiskey grain – Wheat, used only in our Fen Walker and Isle of Peat releases, and instead brings this supporting character to the spotlight. To make matters more interesting, French Cognac barrel staves are used in tandem with New French oak staves to impart rich fruit and spice notes on top of the creamy mouthfeel created from the high wheat content of the Mash Bill. It’s a whiskey that brings deep, rich flavors that likely have not met inside a single bottle of whiskey, until now.

Broken Barrel:


  • An American Whiskey Blend of Single Malt and Wheat whiskeys aged a minimum of 2.5 years.
  • Finished with Peated Islay Cask and Spanish Sherry Staves
  • 94.6-proof | 47.3% ABV
  • Batch Size: 4 Barrels | 900 Bottles
  • Fen Walker is a true original, rich with notes of chocolate, smooth malty viscosity, sour cherry and raspberry fruitiness, and full mouthfeel. Not your everyday Single Malt, not a classic wheat, but somewhere in between. This is one of those perfect Winter whiskeys.​

Broken Barrel:
Isle of Peat

  • An American Whiskey Blend of Wheat and Single Malt whiskeys
    aged a minimum of 1-yr each.
  • Finished with Islay Peated Cask Staves
  • 110-proof | 55% ABV
  • A smoky campfire forward, followed with a dry body and tannins
    on top of a lingering smoldering charred oak flavor, finished with a
    long lasting taste of the isles of Scotland.
  • Double Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits
    Competition 2019

Broken Barrel:
The Cask of

  • An American Whiskey Blend of 12-yr Light & 5-yr Corn Whiskey
  • Finished with Used Amontillado cask staves
  • 110-proof | 55% ABV
  • Dark and ominous cherry and red wine forward, followed by a
    haunting charred oak body and rich complex finish of sherry

Broken Barrel:

  • An American Whiskey Blend of 4-yr Corn & 5-yr Corn Whiskey
  • Finished with new Mizunara Oak staves
  • 100-proof | 50% ABV
  • Lighter apple and pear notes, grain forward body with light fruit and mild sweetness, and a lingering finish with hints of oak.
  • 95 Points Gold Medal 2020 USA Spirits Competition