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"herculean Scotsman carrying stone"

Artwork by Evan Cakamurenssen


Golden Honey Brown

Isle of Peat

ColorationGolden Honey Brown 

AROMAWheat, Smoke, Peat, and Oak


BODY: Campfire, Charred Spiced and Roasted Nuts


FINISHNutmeg, Dark Fruit and Clove 

MASH BILL54.5% Wheat | 45.5% Malted Barley 

SF World Spirit Double Gold 2019.png

Awarded Double Gold 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition



Broken Barrel Isle of Peat explores the concept of reclaiming flavor from oak while also reclaiming oak from the Scots. American whiskey is heavily dominated by Bourbon - a whiskey governed by a rule that a new oak barrel can only be used once. Scotch whisky however follows no such rule, and Americans export millions of ex-bourbon barrels to Scotland where they become Scotch barrels. 

Isle of Peat introduces a curated combination of  American wheat whiskey and American single-malt whiskey, blended together and matured with the charred oak staves from these very Scotch barrels. 

Specifically, Islay Scotch barrels - best known for their unrelenting smoky character and intensity. The reclaimed oak staves are broken down from their barrel form, carefully selected, and submerged into the whiskey we've blended for a minimum of 30 days. Stored in a warm dry environment, these Islay staves impart their smoky finish into every last drop of this incredible whiskey. The finish is a long-lasting smoke show that will leave you wanting more and more.