Broken Barrel


Broken Barrel:


Born in Northern California, raised in Southern California, our founder Seth has California running through his blood. Enamored with Kentucky, and loyal to home, he combined his two favorite states into one award-winning bottle of whiskey. Distilled in Owensboro Kentucky – this Straight Bourbon whiskey is finished with 80% Central Coast Cabernet barrel staves, and 20% French Oak staves. The charred virgin French oak gives a common character found in the wine, while also rounding the sweet dark fruit flavors bleeding from the freshly dumped wine barrels. The marshmallow forward, cherry center, and oak-heavy finish lingers, while remaining balanced and approachable. Aged a minimum of two years. As our Founder says
“California Oak was created as a bourbon that could seamlessly bring the wine drinker into the world of whiskey. This is a step into our world and a every day sipping whiskey made to be drank neat, and often.”
Mash Bill:
  • 70% Corn
  • 21% Rye
  • 9% Malted Barley
Oak Bill™
  • 20% French Oak Staves
  • 80% Central Coast Cabernet Wine Barrel Staves
Broken Barrel California Oak Bourbon was awarded the Gold Medal in 2020
at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for finished bourbon.
Tasting Panel – 91 Points, January 2022
Batch 001 | Launched March 2020
44.0% ABV | 88° Proof

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