Broken Barrel


Broken Barrel:



We strive to create whiskey that reflects a certain style and profile. Each batch and each release is meticulously crafted to ensure it is unlike other whiskey on the shelves. There is little logic to creating more of ‘the same’.
That’s where the Americana comes in – as Bourbon prices soar and alternative American whiskeys styles like Light Whiskey and Single Malt gain popularity, we believe the appetite for new American whiskey styles is growing, and so we give you the Americana. A blend of light whiskey and bourbon, finished with three very American-favored oaks that combine beautifully – toasted, charred and Apple brandy barrel staves. The results of this Oak Bill is a sweet, soft and smooth sip-worthy whiskey that offers a lighter style than bourbon. A great alternative to Highland Scotch or Irish Whiskey, and a fun substitute in your next craft cocktail.
Mash Bill:
  • 80% Corn
  • 14% Rye
  • 6% Malted Barley
Oak Bill™
  • 40% Toasted American Oak Barrel Staves
  • 40% New Char #4 Oak Staves
  • 20% American Apple Brandy Staves
Batch 001 | Launched August 2018
50.0% ABV | 100° Proof

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